Hello, World!

It’s been a good while since I last composed an update. These past three months have been another writing dryspell for me, days gone by unrecorded either digitaly or by pen and paper. Even my social media activity has been on the minimal side lately. That time away and focusing on life as it exists in day-to-day reality was a helpful break to take time away from the self-imposed pressures of maintaining a blog and the distraction getting caught up in what so many people I know are doing in their lives at the expense of focusing on doing what I should be with mine. I haven’t been blogging enough to mention it, but I’ve had some persisting medical issues I’ve been struggling with since last December, random abdominal pains and digestive issues but all my tests and labwork I’ve had done have come back clear. Medicine has no clear solution to my problem, so I’m essentially just left living with it and seeing if things get better over time.

In the time I’ve spent convalescing, I’ve also started to make the strides that I would like to see myself making in regard to the personal and professional developement principles that I idealize so much. but also actively working on obtaining competency in the areas of web design & development that I ultimately want to work in professionally. I’ve been tackling the wealth of books and online courses I’ve collected in preparation over the years, and started doing some side projects at the same time: throwing together a logo for a friend’s baking/catering business, doing mockups of websites for local businesses that don’t have an existing site or one that could use modernization.

Capitalizing on that momentum, I’ve also been doing a lot of thinking on what to do in regard to my online presence. Years ago, I started posting many of my writings to myself as a passive accountability mechanism that I haven’t at all been treating this blog as, and the exisiting content/tone isn’t what I want to keep doing. And when it comes to other personal publishing platforms on the web:

-Facebook: most everything gets locked behind the friends-only filter.
-Twitter: is mostly my profane super-ego left unchecked, and Trump has made it apparent how badly I need to drop that style.

-Instagram: never really got into using and only recently have an interest in now that I was able to recover my original username.
-LinkedIn: has been quietly collecting dust. Last time I was actively networking during my employment search in 2013, the site was not nearly as useable and functional as it is now.

In aggregate, that leaves me looking like a hack “writer” who spends a lot of time screaming in outrage at people over the internet — meaning, there’s a lot of room for improvement. Especially given the current circumstances in my personal life.

Since Septeber of 2014, I’ve been working as a website & office administrator for a local kitchen and bathroom remodeler who’s been in business since 1977. Having been in business for so long, my employer has finally reached the point in his life where he’s ready to semi-retire, leaving me reduced to part-time hours and in need to find either a supplementary part-time or a replacement full-time income channel.

As I’ve started browsing and applying at the available opportunities out there, I’ve already been made poignantly aware that the jobs I’m best qualified for aren’t the ones I necessarily want to be doing. I don’t want to keep being a high functioning office administrator, I want to get in the game of providing internet business services to small-medium sized organizations with freelance writing in the mix. In the mean time, I’ve got my material to study and this blog (and social media channels) to work on.

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