Fattening Up in the Fire

I recently wrote that I’d settled on resetting the day counter on the weight loss project and recommit to the regular checkins to keep myself accountable and actively measure progress. I was raring and ready to go at the start of this week. I got caught up with personal errands on Monday, and decided I’d get started one day late. Tuesday after work, I went on a run, took a shower, and started taking initial measurements. I stepped on my Withings scale, only to be greeted by a dead battery indicator. I told myself I’d get a replacement set, and update measurements the following day on Wednesday. However, by the end of the following workday, climate conditions aggravated by the fire storm that had started on Tuesday made going on my runs too great of a challenge to take on. As used to the desert climate as I am being a born and raised San Diego native, the heat was too oppressive for me handle. Worse, the lethargy it induced throw the door wide open for gluttony and sloth to take hold, and responsible dieting went flying out the window.

Such has been my week. It wasn’t until yesterday that weather conditions leveled off and dropped back into an agreeable range. I picked up a new set of batteries for the scale, and will be hitting the big reset button tomorrow. Even though it’s only been just under a week since my last workout, it feels like it’s been months. Though I’ve undoubtedly gained weight this week and I would say a realistic maximum that could be gained in that time frame would be at around 5 lbs, I feel like I’ve put on 15. Without my scale and measurement logs, I have a very tenuous grasp on what’s going on with my body.

In short, I’ve been delayed a week, and definitely have some lost ground to make up for. It’s a setback I’ve dealt with quickly before, and having to redo previous work is just as annoying now as it was then. At some point in the near future, I also need to get myself setup with a gym membership again. I could use the access to a more varied set of training equipment, and a fallback for when weather conditions push exercise outdoors off the options table.

It’s going to be a big day for me tomorrow.

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