New Bluetooth Headphones

Tried to start getting back into doing morning runs. However, my bluetooth headphones went missing, and a new pair arrived yesterday evening, and I forget that the first run with those always entails running in circles around the neighborhood testing out the different combinations of earbud tips and wings to get them to stay put when I’m out for miles at a time. By the time I got the customization locked down, it was too late to go out for a full distance run.

While I was out doing that, I noticed that this strange tingling in my outer left arm I’ve been having the past handful of days—similar to the feeling in your calves and hamstrings when you fully extend your leg, without any actual muscle movement—was getting triggered by the rocking motion as I was running. Prior to this, I was only getting it when tilting my head back past a 50º angle.

Well, at least I’m set for a full 5 mile jaunt after work. For now, time to get dressed and head off to the office.

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