It’s been another apallingly long time since I’ve updated—130 of them, to be exact. In that 4 month time equivalent, the dust storms on the horizon that I had back then have largely settled, and things worked out rather well. Soon after my last entry, I ended up picking finding what started as a part-time job doing in-office tech support and website administration for a property investment company not too far from where I live. I’d applied to an office admin/executive assistant posting, but even though they ultimately went with someone else with more industry-relevant experience, I interviewed well enough that they created the a position for me.

The job was initially set to be 4-6 hours 2 days a week, it changed to 3 full time days on my first day. Right at the end of my first month, my co-worker had to resign from the position to move home to help her family with her dad, who’d just had a serious medical episode. On her last day, I sat with her and looked over all the resumes that she’d received from the Craigslist ad for her replacement. I was out the following week, having thrown out my back. When I returned to the office the following week, I was expecting to find a brand new face waiting for me. Instead, I got called into a meeting in the middle of the afternoon and was offered the position, making me the all-in-one office support I intended to be. This mean I would have to resign from my part time job with my previous employer, but when I interviewed at the new place, the question *was* posed as to where I’d fall if I were told they needed me join the team full-time, to which I’d replied I would definitely do it. It was sad to slowly phase out over the course of a few weeks, but the time spent in transit traveling the 9 miles out to La Mesa and back working for someone already in semi-retirement in comparison to a 13-15 minute bike ride (and that only because of city traffic) for a new venture made all the logical sense. Now fully able to take a page out of the millenial playbook and forego car ownership and its many expenses and rely on biking and ridesharing, I’ve been completely in love with my commute. Being someone that actively recycles and cares about the planet, trading in a carbon footprint and ongoing fuel/maintenance expenses for some moderately light exercise feels like a major win.

In regard to the job itself, it’s been a fun and engaging challenge juggling multiple projects and learning how to work for two people instead of just one as well as having to learn and adjust to their expectations and styles of communication. Project-wise, designing and implementing a filing system and an AP/AR processing workflow tailored to the needs of the company has been the focus of my time thus far. The volume of the backlog and having to design around *multiple* operating entities and partnerships instead of a singular business entity has been frustrating at times, but reaching the final stages of execution and being able to see how I’ve tamed the mess has been far more gratifying. My days are never slow, and I get to spend them working with two really great guys, and two days a week, a sweet-yet-feisty older lady.

Admittedly, the busy days at the office have been leaving me fairly gassed out. With barely enough energy to tend to household maintenance, I haven’t been as proactive with my running/exercise as I was before, and I’ve fallen behind on keeping my personal life as organized as the businesses I do it for during working hours. But I have been giving a lot of thought on the the next push forward. At the start of the month, the guys at work paid for me to go take a notary certification class & exam. Seeing as how this is the third job in a row that has ended up pertaining to homes and property, I’ve pretty much settled on the idea of taking classes next year to get my real estate license. All the while, I still haven’t given up on content creation and web development or this blog, so I’ve got a lot in the pipeline. Regardless of how “ready” I feel, life’s at a point now where it’s time to think less and just act.