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Finance For the Rest of Us – Part 1: The Importance of Records

(It’s been awhile since I last updated this blog, and while I meant to pick up where I left off a couple months back on those other topics I was writing about, I felt like composing something wherein I’m not the central subject. As a result, I ended up putting together this introductory post to a small mini-series of articles revolving around things I’ve learned and others could stand to benefit from knowing.) When I initially started my current position, I was hired with the intention of doing part time writing to populate a website with content. Little after a week into the job, I rapidly became the full-time office and website admin. One of the biggest hurdles I faced in my initial months was being tasked with processing the accounting for the business, for various reasons: I only vaguely acquainted with accounting principles, I had no idea what the actual practice of job costing entailed — I knew it only as a hazy concept. The business is a sole proprietorship operating out of a home office, so the personal and business financials are interwoven and not conveniently siloed off into separate accounts. Seeing no compelling reason to upgrade to a newer version (which I presently agree with), the company financials are administered using Quickbooks 2011: Contractor’s Edition. Even with my lack of knowledge on the matter, I could immediately tell the previous “professional” bookkeepers that had worked on the business Quickbooks file had done a terrible job at it. Now, in spite of […]

Running for Beginners

Last month, I bookmarked an article on Lifehacker discussing how running isn’t cheap and the costs that come with taking it up as an workout routine. Thing is, unlike the Lifehacker of old, this article was just a complain piece to recommend and insert affiliate links to mentioned products, many of which aren’t necessary for beginner runners. $50 sports bras? $18 pairs of socks? A $40 hydration belt? Climate differences between my place of residence in comparison to the author’s, gear at those price points are for seasoned runners that are looking to keep pushing themselves further. While premium socks and a hydration belt would be nice to have on any run, my regular 5 mile route was mastered using regular ankle cut big-box store athletic socks and a $10 refillable plastic sports water bottle. Lifehacker of Gina Trapani’s days of yore would have posted an article with strategies and low-cost alternatives/DIY solutions. So rather than silently turn my nose up at it to myself, I decided it would be better put to use as motivation to write something myself — the piece that article should have been. Coming off a 2 month break from my old running routine, I’m finding the challenge of getting back in the habit to be not unlike how it felt when I first started running years ago at a starting weight of little over 250 lbs. Gear Up The Clothes Running is just putting on clothes, shoes, and heading out the door, but those […]