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Bike with a rear rack crate and a Postmates delivery bag


A couple weeks ago, I was feeling lazy and thinking about ordering in a food delivery. When I went to their site, I noticed their logo is a little dude on a bike, and I got distracted wondering whether it was possible to run orders for Postmates given that San Diego isn’t as dense as bigger cities are. I couldn’t find indication on community posts, so I went ahead and submitted an application to just test it out myself. A few days later, my application was approved, and I was mailed out their starter kit, which was basically a hot-and-cold insulated branded tote bag, a debit card to pay for active deliveries that aren’t prepaid by the customer, and a small print out of basic tips/guidelines. I installed their Postmates Fleet app for couriers, which is surprisingly simple in function. It’s a just an activity map with an offline-online switch in the top right corner and a shortcut to a *very* simple settings menu. When online, it starts feeding your location and awaits offers to come through for you to accept on the same map screen. One thing I had been wondering/worried about was whether the app would indicate what I’m picking up and where I’m taking it to—I didn’t want to find myself having to deal with a cargo incompatible with my rear bike rack with a built-in bungee cord for transport and a far distance to travel, but I also know that apps of this nature such as […]

New Bluetooth Headphones

Tried to start getting back into doing morning runs. However, my bluetooth headphones went missing, and a new pair arrived yesterday evening, and I forget that the first run with those always entails running in circles around the neighborhood testing out the different combinations of earbud tips and wings to get them to stay put when I’m out for miles at a time. By the time I got the customization locked down, it was too late to go out for a full distance run. While I was out doing that, I noticed that this strange tingling in my outer left arm I’ve been having the past handful of days—similar to the feeling in your calves and hamstrings when you fully extend your leg, without any actual muscle movement—was getting triggered by the rocking motion as I was running. Prior to this, I was only getting it when tilting my head back past a 50º angle. Well, at least I’m set for a full 5 mile jaunt after work. For now, time to get dressed and head off to the office.

Here We Are

Almost midway through March of 2018 already. Three months after I told myself to start updating the blog more as a pseudo New Year’s resolution, but starting the year with no working computer other than my smartphone really didn’t help the effort. To my credit, I have been doing a better job at finding the time to handwrite a few journal entries as a substitute activity, but it’s still not what my intent was. Though I did get my computer back during the first half of February, I’ve been spending my free time catching up with all the personal computing I wasn’t able to do while my laptop was out of working order. Now that I’m starting to feel the slightest bit “caught up”, I’ve just recently started affording myself the mental bandwidth to tend to my non-essential projects…like updating a blog. This past winter was a rough season health-wise. All of December was spent perpetually sick with all the bugs that were out this season. Caught cold from the roomie who works in a corporate building, and the guys at my office were dealing with the flu and our bookkeeper a bout of viral bronchitis. After I stared recovering, I kept the not-smoking chain going and went through January and most of February without smoking. I made the mistake of indulging during my birthday, and since then I’ve been casually keeping on. Remembering how much a bothersome inconvenience it was to have my lungs clearing out gunk not too […]


It’s been another apallingly long time since I’ve updated—130 of them, to be exact. In that 4 month time equivalent, the dust storms on the horizon that I had back then have largely settled, and things worked out rather well. Soon after my last entry, I ended up picking finding what started as a part-time job doing in-office tech support and website administration for a property investment company not too far from where I live. I’d applied to an office admin/executive assistant posting, but even though they ultimately went with someone else with more industry-relevant experience, I interviewed well enough that they created the a position for me. The job was initially set to be 4-6 hours 2 days a week, it changed to 3 full time days on my first day. Right at the end of my first month, my co-worker had to resign from the position to move home to help her family with her dad, who’d just had a serious medical episode. On her last day, I sat with her and looked over all the resumes that she’d received from the Craigslist ad for her replacement. I was out the following week, having thrown out my back. When I returned to the office the following week, I was expecting to find a brand new face waiting for me. Instead, I got called into a meeting in the middle of the afternoon and was offered the position, making me the all-in-one office support I intended to be. This […]

Hello, World!

It’s been a good while since I last composed an update. These past three months have been another writing dryspell for me, days gone by unrecorded either digitaly or by pen and paper. Even my social media activity has been on the minimal side lately. That time away and focusing on life as it exists in day-to-day reality was a helpful break to take time away from the self-imposed pressures of maintaining a blog and the distraction getting caught up in what so many people I know are doing in their lives at the expense of focusing on doing what I should be with mine. I haven’t been blogging enough to mention it, but I’ve had some persisting medical issues I’ve been struggling with since last December, random abdominal pains and digestive issues but all my tests and labwork I’ve had done have come back clear. Medicine has no clear solution to my problem, so I’m essentially just left living with it and seeing if things get better over time. In the time I’ve spent convalescing, I’ve also started to make the strides that I would like to see myself making in regard to the personal and professional developement principles that I idealize so much. but also actively working on obtaining competency in the areas of web design & development that I ultimately want to work in professionally. I’ve been tackling the wealth of books and online courses I’ve collected in preparation over the years, and started doing some side […]

Absent Cause

It’s been a few months since I’ve last sat down in front of a blank page/screen to do any writing for myself: 3 months since my last blog entry and virtually nothing by way or journal entries, written or typed. After the election climate, all the perpetual coverage in the blog and news feeds, I felt like every possible thought I could have on political matters was already being dissected and disseminated in much greater detail and clarity than I would muster. Not only that, I started having some health complications that had me in chronic pain and knocked me off the workout routine I was starting to actively pick up again. The holidays gave way to the new year, and I was spending every waking day trying to muster the energy to get out of bed and just focusing on making it through until the part where I relax at home with my best friend before going to bed. I got locked in a zombie-like routine, and doing much of nothing beyond work and watching TV. Having only unplesant things bouncing around in my mind and not wanting to actively think about them, . With the turn of the new year came the start of coverage with my Covered California health plan, and after a month of roughing it out I finally went to go see a doctor about the abdominal pain I was having. I had an ultrasound done, which came back clear, and no real resolution to […]

The Consequences of Perpetual Marginalization

After writing my previous entry, I got up from my desk in an uneasy state of mind. A big part of why I don’t write so much lately is that getting the thoughts out of my head, into text form, and slapping a period at the end of them means that they’re completed and done with. Keeping things private and inside my head is a mental equivalent of bargaining “just one more cigarette”, a little longer to mull things over on a given aspect about myself. Being at home and without any reason to project otherwise, it was pretty clear to my roommate/best friend that I was not in a good place. He asked what was wrong, and I told replied that it was just more of the usual mess that runs inside my head that bums him out to have to hear, only now without any restraint. To myself, I acknowleged that it makes me feel guilty for talking to him about these things as well — roles reversed, I would feel very saddened and frustrated to have to hear from someone that I care deeply for tell me that nothing feels worthwhile and would love to not have to deal with being alive anymore. We discussed what was going through my head and what I had just written and posted moments earlier in our conversation, but it ended up derailing and becoming more about the barriers in communication that keep me from being more open and forthcoming about. […]


I’ve finally sat myself down in front of the computer screen with the intent of writing a new blog post. Referencing my most recent entries like I normally do, I’m utterly astounded at how long it’s been since I last pushed an update. I started to gather a lot of steam back at the beginning of early July, and that went flying out of the window with a series of health issues that came at me through a revolving door of illness from the middle of the month to the very end. Right around that time, a new PS4 game (Bloodborne) found its way into the household. Being incapacited and convalescent, I got in the habit of ignoring my to-do list and escaping through the distraction of video games. Apparently, I’ve been in a zombie-like routine — work, commute, eat, play, sleep, repeat — for far longer than I thought. To me, it felt like only three, four weeks at most. That loss of momentum is a real shame; I was really riding high on a motivational train, up until it derailed and crashed into the metaphorical mountainside. There have been times over the past weeks where I’ve tried to recapture that feeling, but each time, I was stared down by those old nagging questions: what is it that I’m really saying, and what is it that I even have to say? What progress is there to report, what is there worth writing out when it feels like the needle isn’t […]